We make your outdoors happy.

The Orchid Concept

From your local producer to your door, discover how we deliver our multiple sorts of flowers and bring you happiness.

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Our Mission

Clean up, remodel, replace or maintain your outdoor space to promote the great feelings that come with something that is peaceful, well designed and thoughtfully implemented to be as functional as it is ascetically pleasing and environmentally beneficial.

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Local Producers

As we use local growers, our flowers last longer and smell better. Just like the event you want to celebrate with flowers!

Bio Flowers

Don't offer pesticides to your beloved one! By choosing our flowers, we guarantee you organic flowers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use 100% recycled materials. We believe the best gifts should also do good for the planet.

There are always ways to improve your happiness.  Let us show you how you’ll want to spend more time in your outdoor space.